Pay attention to these tips for your upcoming flights

Any items that can get into the trunk of the plane, all already existing regulations for the keselamatan keamanan penerbangan. It can be seen on your plane tickets. Do not occasionally insert sharp objects into planes or gas objects. Separate items that will be placed on the plane’s luggage or that will be brought to the cabin aircraft.

No alcohol

Ehmm! This is another very difficult thing to avoid, especially if you are an alcoholic. Why should not there be alcohol when you fly? The air or atmospheric pressure inside the cabin is almost equal to the height of Denver. To be sure, the alcohol you consume will affect to a lesser extent. It will make you drunk. If you have this, it is not impossible that negative things from the influence of alcohol can come out. Includes raging in the plane due to panic and depression.

Stay in awareness

Emergency conditions become a very undesirable situation when we use airplane services. In that case, the evacuation process should be done immediately through the emergency exit. Well, in such circumstances a lot of people are lost consciousness and that there is a sense of panic overload. This is very likely to happen in a state of uncertainty. All want to hurry to save themselves. But not so good and true way! Should be in an emergency, you must remain in awareness. So you can make a decision and follow the direction of the crew.