Maximizing the image SEO

Images are also included in On-Page SEO means if you want to give pictures even though it’s only 1 piece in every article you make, then surely your On-Page SEO will increase, but please note also what and how the way you enter the picture. Meanwhile, you might visit to know the trusted SEO service in Miami.

The SEO image is the image of the screenshot or the results of your own edits, so ‘sorry’, it’s because we don’t mean to steal the picture from Google Image. And that is not less important is pay attention to always give Alt and Title Tag on every picture you upload, for example, you write an article about ‘Selling Online’ then try to give Alt and Title clear and short.

How to add Alt and Title Tags in Images:

<img alt = “insert picture description here” src = “enter image url” title = “enter picture title” />

Just information alone, the larger the image you upload then the opportunity to in the index by Google Image will be even greater.