This is the Process of Braces You Should Know

If you include people who want to put braces on your teeth that are not a bit messy mess, you need to know how the procedure of installation of braces. If you install braces winnipeg, then you will get a very good installation. To perform the braces, you also need to know the various procedures you should run.

Some of these procedures you can know and should be run to make braces properly.

1. Consultation with the Doctor
Before you decide to install braces, you should consult a doctor first. The dentist will then do a physical exam and ask you to do an X-ray check to see the condition of your teeth. From the results of the examination, the dentist will assess whether you really need braces or not.

2. Installation of Braces
Before braces are installed, the surface of your teeth will be cleaned, washed and dried so that the braces can perfectly bristle on your teeth. A glue will be installed on the surface of your teeth. After that, new braces will be prepared. This process will take 20-30 minutes depending on the degree of damage to your tooth condition.

3. Control
Control on a regular basis is very necessary for you to install braces. As time goes by, the braces can be loose so that it does not have sufficient strength to change the position of your teeth. You will usually be encouraged to control regularly within 3-10 weeks.

4. Release and Treatment
After the dentist ensures that the therapy using braces has been completed, the braces will be removed. Slowly, the used and hard glue will be broken down very carefully.
Once the wire is loosed, you will be advised to use a device called a retainer. This tool will be used inside the mouth to prevent your teeth from returning to their original position. The tool is used for 6 months without being removed.