5 Tips for a successful culinary promotion in an exhibition

In addition to selectively choosing EO and exhibition events being held, the issue of serving food is also important to note. The amount of the product should be 50% – 100% more than normal production. Prepare also stock 30% – 50% if buyer demand is exploding. Meanwhile, perhaps you need to use a promotional oztrail gazebo to gain more attention in the event.

Tips Following Culinary Exhibition

1. Check the location before the exhibition begins to see how many booth sizes are needed and whether to require additional equipment or not.

2. Create a special team for the exhibition so as not to interfere with daily production performance. Usually, I add some freelance employees in the production department. As for SPG, I will train it first. They must be active and know the production process in order to easily explain my products to visitors.

3. Prepare a tester of each type of food with an unlimited amount, which is important every food issued to the tester should be recorded. I never limit because of the principle, the important visitors can taste.

4. Create an exciting promo, such as 10% -20% discount on all products. The condition, photos with products purchased at your food booth. Then upload photos to your personal Facebook account right away. I can promotion, they can discount the price.

5. After the exhibition, learn in detail about the benefits gained, employee performance, the provision of products, what are the deficiencies and advantages, and others. This will be an important stock for the next exhibition.