Buying Condo Mistake to Never Make

Well, condo is now often a choice of residence for some residents of Jakarta, especially for those who work in offices located in this area. By living in singapore condo, then you no longer need to bother thinking about trips and go home are always jammed. However, it does not mean staying in a condo always gives a profit. Many condominium buyers have to suffer losses from making some mistakes when buying condos.

When purchasing a condo unit, you will be given a contract that contains your agreement, rights, and obligations as well as property developers. That is the reason, this contract will usually be quite thick and make you lazy to read it. Though this is very dangerous. Because, if only if there is one thing that violates the rules that you do, then the developer can bring the matter to court. If it is so, then any argument you give will be useless, because you have been considered a violation of the contract of cooperation.