This Three Breakfast Menu For Diabetes Patients

Many people are afraid of getting diabetes because it will effect to various aspects of their lives. In fact, many of those who do not want to consume various drugs to be able to cure the disease. then, now there are to be able to give you information about diabetes cure without medical drugs.

If you have diabetes, then you should do various ways to be able to heal it. One way is to consume a variety of nutritious foods, especially at breakfast. Some of these menus can be your choice for breakfast.

1. Cereal
This is a healthy breakfast for diabetes patients. Look for a fresh cereal with more than 2.5 grams of fiber per portion. People with diabetes have higher rates of jaunting illness and thus have to limit saturated fat intake.

2. Eggs
Eggs provide protein, vitamin A, and vitamin D. Even egg whites are low-calorie and low-fat foods that can help increase energy and burn fat.

3. Wheat Bread
Choose whole wheat bread with ingredients that contain more fiber, vitamins, and minerals.