If Your Car Battery Is Dry, Then These Four Things You Can Do As First Aid

Your car must have various components that must always be maintained and cared for because it will affect the other components in the car. The battery as a component maintainer and jump starter should always be maintained and cared for because it can be bad if left alone without being treated and maintained properly. Therefore, most of the components in the car requires a battery to get the required electrical flow.

Batteries in your car may get dry and need to be filled with new fluids. So if this happens to you, there are ways you can do it.

1. Removing the battery
You must remove or disconnect the car battery to make it easier to repair. Basically, the battery is inside the front hood of your car. Be on the floor of your car or another place. So, clean up dirt like dust, or crust that attached to the battery. to clean it, it will be easier to use warm water so that the cleaning process can be completed faster.

2. Opening the cover
If you have finished removing the exterior of the car battery, then you can open the cover of your car battery using a screwdriver. However, to do so, you must be careful not to add damage to the car battery because the cover is very tightly attached.

3. Water battery
The battery you have prepared can be used for your dry car battery, by injecting the water into every hole of your car battery slowly and charging it not too full. You should be able to estimate the distance. Usually, the distance used is 1 cm from the battery hole cap.

4. Plastic glue
How to repair a dry car battery can also be done with plastic glue. If you still doubt whether the battery cover is properly installed, then you can use the plastic glue to make it firmer and not easy to open.