Setting your AC remote so it gets cooler

The first thing to note when you want to set the AC remote control make sure the mode setting at position mark (*) or cool. Because if you are wrong to use this mode of air conditioning cannot be cold. As for example if you select the fan mode, then only the indoor fans only works while the compressor machine does not. As a result, it feels like a regular air conditioner and does not exhale cold at all. Aside from that, perhaps you need to visit whenever you need your AC to be repaired professionally.

Not a few users who do not know this, and finally stuck to the fan mode. Therefore, start now look at your remote AC display if it is correct or not.

Then, Using temperature temperatures in the range of 16ºc to 18ºc make standby compressor machine in the not too long. This means that if the temperature in the room has become 16ºc then the compressor machine will die, and will live again if the temperature has started to rise.

Of course, by regulating such temperatures the cold level of the room becomes consistent and always cool. While that governs when the compressor engine will standby and when it will work again the thermistor. This tool is in charge of adjusting the room temperature to suit the taste of the user.